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  CNN    Anderson Cooper 360    News/Business. Anchor Anderson  
   Cooper reports in New York. (CC)  

    May 13, 2013
    7:00 - 8:01pm PDT  

them in our show if they're not too rude. that's all for us tonight, anderson cooper starts right now. >> piers, thanks, good evening, everyone. out rage at the obama administration's justice department. today, we learned they had secretly collected telephone records of reporting and editors at the associated press. two months worth. the a.p. calls it an unprecedented intrusion. this on top of charges that the irs is targeting conservative groups. also a gunman opens fire at a mother's day parade, wounding 19 people, three of them critically. the shootings caught on tape. the gunman or gunmen still at large. just ahead, we talk to an eyewitness who believes the gunman was standing right next to him during the shooting. we begin in west cleveland, where exactly one week ago
tonight, a nightmare ended for three missing women. tonight, we have video showing part of that rescue. it shows police rushing into the house on seymour avenue just minutes after amanda berry was freed by neighbors who heard her screams. police found two other missing women inside, michelle knight and gina dejesus. you can see amanda berry is in the street, she's there with her 6-year-old daughter, born during berry's captivity. ariel castro, their accused kidnapper, is being held on an $8 million bond. today, police were back at his house. now, investigators from the medical examiner's office went inside again. tonight, castro's brothers are speaking out in an exclusive interview with cnn. they were arrested last week, then cleared. tonight, they are in hiding for their own safety. you will hear from them ahead. first, though, an exclusive look inside castro's backyard. for the first time, we are getting a look at what he kept back there, dozens of photographs obtained by "360" showing what he was allegedly trying to hide from the outside world. randi kaye joins me now from cleveland. >> reporter: some of these photos i have to tell you are chilling.
>> take a look at this wide shot. this is a wide shot of the backyard at ariel castro's home. it's a mess. you can see it looks like a junk yard. you can see there's a car off to the right that maybe a child would ride in. also, to the left, you can see a kids' basketball net there. and that's the garage off in the distance. the next photo, take a look at this, when i say chilling, barbed wire. this is so telling. there were spools and spools of barbed wire all over the yard, anderson. thick rolls of it like you see here in the photo. of course we don't know for sure but this may have been used to keep his captives inside in case they made a run for it, perhaps, and very likely to keep anyone on the outside from trying to get in. that stuff as you can see would do some real damage to anyone who came in contact with it. also, something else chilling, anderson. we saw chains. now, here you take a look at it, there's a chain, it's around a tree. now, castro did have puppies but our guy, the photographer, says that hundreds of chains were found in the yard, not just a few, and we're talking really thick, heavy chains, hundreds of them. remember, the police report said that he had kept the girls chained up in the basement originally, then he chained them
up elsewhere in the house. now, also, you can see in the photo that there's a pulley in the grass, laying in the grass, so he had some type of pulley system as well but it's really unclear as to why. >> we know there was the 6-year-old girl living there, amanda berry's child which we now know is also ariel castro's child. is there any evidence of the little girl there? >> reporter: it seems so. if you take a look at this next photo, there's a couple of red bikes that were laying up against the garage. clearly, these bikes are for children. castro had grandkids as we know, so these bikes may belong to them. but look at this other bike, okay, this really caught our attention. it's a pink bike, a barbie bicycle. you can see that the barbie logo is on it.
we can only speculate that this was there for amanda berry's daughter to use. we don't know for sure but this is a picture of innocence at this house of horror. speaking of creepy, anderson, look at this photo we also got. it's a mirror. look closely there. it's a mirror hanging up at castro's back door which is now boarded up as you can see by police, but this is critical because it allowed him to stand at his back door and see whoever was coming up his driveway even though the driveway was completely out of view. so he used this possibly to prevent any surprise visitors. in fact, one neighbor told the guy who took this photo that when he would go visit castro at his home before he could even get halfway up the driveway, castro would be bounding out of his front doors if he was expecting him, and now we know why. one more photo i want to show you. i want to show you this is the back of the house. we got some photos of this, a few different angles. this photo shows how far he went
to shield himself apparently and his victims from the others. you can see the gray wood in the windows. the guy who took these says that castro removed his windows and we saw, in fact, a bunch of photos of those windows, the glass windows, scattered in the yard but he replaced them with this wood paneling that was all over the house. this is a shot from the backyard area. nobody of course could see what or who was in that house. finally, last photo we will show you tonight, take a look at this. okay, now, that's the garage in the distance, but to the left you can see the blue tarp. apparently ariel castro had tarped over the whole backyard. he used blue, green, gray tarp according to our photographer. there was tons of piping in the yard and rolls of tarp on the ground. certainly wasn't in short supply. he may have been planning to tarp over more areas, according to the photographer. apparently wanted to make sure that nobody could see what was going on in the yard or anywhere else, anderson. >> did this guy say why, why he took the pictures? >> reporter: well, he said that he wants people to know what's there.
he wants people to know what was going on there. he said it's horrible, he lives in the neighborhood as i mentioned. he cannot believe that this all happened in his neighborhood, and that nobody knew it. he simply doesn't want it to happen again. >> all right. fascinating to see that. randi, appreciate it. still learning a lot about what happened at 2207 seymour avenue. it's understandably stunned neighbors and rocked the community. joining me is councilman brian cummings. you were given access to castro's backyard. what struck you about it? >> well, you know, anderson, i went through the backyard really working to confirm what was going on with the fencing that they basically put up for the perimeter to protect the property for evidence. so to be honest, i noticed debris probably similar to what was in the pictures, obviously, but i frankly didn't really focus on that. my focus was to just inspect and see what was going on relative to the fencing. so i'm sorry, i don't really have much to comment about it other than to say that if these were taken after the women were saved, that it's quite possible that what you're seeing in those photos is material that was taken out of the house. >> right. >> frankly, it's a little
disturbing, frankly why the fence is up to protect that evidence. that's all the comment i really can have. >> what is the latest that you've heard on the investigation? because we've talked to you over the last week or so, and you've had a lot of insights about the investigation. are you pleased with the way it's going? >> i think so. i think in some ways, we had a lot of speculation in midweek and you know, obviously the police report with the charges made, that police report is public record. i know the mayor asked for a cease and desist and we understand why. we want to try to give the survivors their privacy. but i think, you know, like this gentleman that took the pictures, it was probably wrong for him to do that. i can sympathize in people wanting to know what occurred, but i do -- all i know today is really just doing my job in the street, dealing with neighbors, et cetera, i do know that the prosecutors were there today and
some other agencies, so i think what you're seeing is, you know, a perimeter fence and then agencies still gaining access relative to questions pertaining to the case itself. and that's pretty much what i've heard today. >> you're spearheading a fund-raising effort for the four victims in this case. tell us more about this. this is important. >> well, the primary importance is that on sunday, the world received news from legal representatives of the survivors, and we were thrilled because at the end of that news conference, they mentioned the cleveland courage fund that we created on wednesday, just two days after they were freed. they've thanked us for that and they've pointed out that they encourage people to give to the cleveland courage fund, and we are in communications with the attorneys that represent the
survivors and we'll have more news shortly, in the next few days, but so we're very pleased that we're in communication with the attorneys. the women's safety, mental, physical well-being, we know as the mayor called for to stop the speculation, and we are having the utmost respect for their privacy in what they're doing. so we are only working with their legal representatives. they know we're all working on behalf of those survivors. we're really here to serve them in the fund that we establish and we're looking forward to figuring out with their attorneys and their legal representatives the utilization of those funds. >> right. we're going to have the information linked on our website as well. councilman, appreciate your time
tonight. as you know, michelle knight, amanda berry, gina dejesus were allegedly held prisoner all these years blocks from where they were abducted. their rescue raised a lot of questions about the kidnapping investigation. >> i don't care if you even feed him for what he has done to my life and my families. >> morgan savage will join us with his exclusive interview ahead. let us know what you think. you can follow us on twitter. next up, the associated press is reporting that the justice department secretly recorded what it calls a massive and unprecedented intrusion. what could be behind this and is this legal? also, ahead, the verdict in the trial of a philadelphia abortion
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our breaking news tonight, the associated press says the department of justice secretly collected two months of phone records of several of its reporters and editors. it says the records included calls from several a.p. bureaus and even personal lines of several staffers. in a letter to attorney general eric holder, the a.p.'s president calls the subpoenas a massive and unprecedented intrusion into his reporting. the question is what is the government looking for and can they do this? did this violate the first amendment right to freedom of the press? want to bring in dana bash and our senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin. also, the irs targeting of
conservative groups we want to talk about. dana, this is extraordinary action by the government. let's talk about the department of justice first. members of congress already weighing in. >> reporter: a statement has been released saying the first amendment is first for a reason, that the obama administration is going after reporters' phone records they better have a damned good explanation. doesn't get more terse than that. republicans are unhappy, democrats are not happy as well from the most liberal to the most conservative. what the president of the associated press is saying that over a two-month period, 20 phone lines in new york, connecticut, washington, even the press room here in the capital, in the house of representatives, they seized records from all of those areas and it was done without telling the a.p. journalists beforehand. apparently some had their home phones and cell phone records
taken, seized by the justice department. now, what the a.p.'s president is saying is that what they took provides what he called a road map to the a.p.'s news gathering operations, road map and information that the government simply has absolutely no business having. you might of course be wondering what's the justice department's explanation. all they are saying is that they only did this because they exhausted every reasonable effort to obtain this information through alternative means. as for the white house just a few minutes ago, they, too, issued a statement saying that they don't know anything about this, that this is being done independently at the department of justice and it's an ongoing criminal investigation. but back to sort of a reaction here on capitol hill, the democratic judiciary chairman, patrick leahy says in this kind of case, it is the burden of the justice department to prove that they really need to take this extreme measure with the press, and he said that on the face of it, he's concerned that the government may not have met that burden and over in the house as you heard from the speaker and
others they're adding this to a long list of investigations. >> jeff, aren't there very strict rules on how they're supposed to do this? first of all, eric holder, the head of the justice department, has to know about it and approve it. do we know if that happened and also, don't they have to be very limited in what they're going for? it seems like a pretty broad seizing of records. >> well, let's just put this in perspective for starters. this administration has been incredibly aggressive in pursuing leaks in general. they have criminally prosecuted -- >> more than all other administrations combined. >> more than other administrations combined. now, a lot of people think the first amendment protects journalists from having to disclose this sort of information. not true. especially under federal law. there is no privilege to protect this kind of information. however, administrations throughout the past decade since the nixon administration have exercised restraint. they have said look, we will do whatever we can to avoid having to subpoena journalists. i have never heard of a subpoena this broad.
it's legal as far as i can tell. the administration is not violating the first amendment. but they are certainly doing more than has ever been done before in pursuing the private information of journalists and we'll see if there's any political check on them, because there doesn't appear to be any legal check on what they're doing. >> jeff, does it pass the smell test that the obama white house itself would not be informed about this just from a potential p.r. standpoint? >> it certainly actually does pass the smell test that the white house would not be involved. attorney general holder had to know. there is no question that a decision like this goes all the way to the attorney general. now, just to put this in a little perspective, the a.p. has suggested that this is part of an investigation of a leak regarding a possible terrorist attack in yemen and the administration will surely say look, you know, it's all well and good that journalists want
to protect their sources, but this is a matter of life and death. if this stuff gets leaked, people will die, so we are willing to take that extreme step. i think that's the kind of balance you're going to see on this story. >> we'll see what the department of justice says about it. dana, the other controversy is the news the irs intentionally red flagged conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. they would look for key words like tea party or patriot to actually target applications which were then delayed or returned. i mean, the house ways and means committee, i know they will hold -- they will hold hearings on this on friday. today, president obama weighed in. i want to play for our viewers what he said. >> if in fact irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous and there's no place for it. and they have to be held fully accountable, because the irs as an independent agency requires absolute integrity and people have to have confidence that
they're applying in a nonpartisan way. >> is it known at this point who came up with this ludicrous idea for the irs to actually go after groups based on their politics? >> who came up with it, no, not yet but we probably will find out more about that later this week when the irs actually unveils its inspector general report but look, the irs has two big problems here. number one of course is just the concept of targeting groups when they're looking into the tax-exempt status, or any status, frankly, based on their political beliefs. that is simply a no-no and something that the irs has admitted to. they deny that it was for political reasons but they admit that it was inappropriate to do. but the second big problem that the irs has is congress itself. congress feels duped and misled because congress has been looking into this for a couple years since 2010, when they
first actually started this at the irs and repeatedly were not told that this was actually going on, even when we now know that senior irs official actually was informed almost two years ago, anderson, and denied and declined to tell the house of representatives what she knew. >> so senior irs official knew about this two years ago. meanwhile, the irs is testifying that there's no way they're doing exactly what a senior official knew they were doing. >> what the senior official says is that they were trying to get information on tea party groups because the law is that these groups should not get tax-exempt status if they are primarily --
they exist for political reasons. so that is something that they were actually encouraged to do by some members of congress, especially democrat, not just tea party but other groups. what they are denying is that they were actually doing this for political reasons, going after them because they are tea party groups. but it is very, very hard for them to explain this. >> yeah. jeff toobin, what do you think? >> i think we need to take a deep breath on this one. you know, the idea that -- everybody is throwing around a lot of accusations here. there are a lot of career people in the irs who i think try to do a good job, and this is about politics. the decision that the irs had to make was were these groups primarily political, attempting to elect candidates, or were they educational. you have to look at politics to answer that question. so i think it's important to reserve judgment. this is all based on a report that has not even been made public yet. so let's take a deep breath and
see what -- what the facts are and then we can be totally outraged. >> but if the only groups they're looking at are groups with the words tea party or patriot and not progressive or liberal, that certainly would raise a lot of questions. >> it would, but we need to know how many -- were there any groups there with progressive or liberal in their titles. were they all tea party groups. i just think the facts matter here, and it's important to know what they are before we condemn people. >> we'll have hearings this week and see. jeff toobin, dana bash, thanks. up next, an abortion doctor found guilty of murder, killing babies that were born alive. in crime and punishment, abortion doctor kerman gosnell is facing the possibility of the death penalty. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees. but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪
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of new orleans where police identify a suspect in the mother's day shooting. he's 19-year-old aiken scott. here's what police said just moments ago. >> our s.w.a.t. team with the u.s. marshals served a search warrant late this evening looking for akin scott. we also visited two different blocks in an attempt to find akin. we would like to remind the community that the time has come for him to turn himself in. >> and here's that surveillance video police released this morning. 19 people were injured in the shooting, including two children. a philadelphia abortion provider was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing three babies found alive in his clinic. the jury will now decide if he should face the death penalty.
"360" follow up, a 1-year-o2-ye is accused of killing his 8-year-old sister. before her death, the boy was suspended for five days for taking a pocket knife to his middle school. in northern minnesota, sheets of ice acting like a tsunami comes ashore and damages homes. strong winds blows out some windows and knocking in doors. anderson? >> ayisha, thanks. up next, ariel castro's two brothers who say their brother is a monster who should rot in jail and had no idea what was allegedly going on in his house for all of those years. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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another cnn exclusive. tonight, ariel castro's brothers, pedro and onil castro are speaking out calling him a monster, saying i hope he rots in that jail. both men were arrested last monday along with their brother. their mug shots were shown repeatedly on television and newspapers. days later they were cleared by police. authorities say the brothers had no connection to the crimes ariel castro is accused of committing. that hasn't stopped the death threats. a lot of people find it hard to believe the castro's own family never suspected anything was wrong over all those years. tonight, pedro and onil castro are hiding in an undisclosed location. here's their exclusive interview with cnn's martin savidge. >> did you, in any way, know, help, assist your brother in the horrible things he's accused of doing? >> absolutely not.
no idea that this horrific crime was going on. >> pedro? >> no. >> you know there are people who will say you had to know. how is it possible for so long in that home, your brother, you couldn't know? >> for those people out there, i'll tell you something. i had nothing to do with this and i don't know how my brother got away with it for so many years, because that would never cross my mind. >> he fooled you. >> he fooled me. because i used to go there more than he did, to work on cars, clean the yard, help him out and stuff. but never go beyond the kitchen. >> onil? >> there was nothing, absolutely nothing i could see that was unusual in that backyard. i can't say in the house because i haven't been in the house in years. >> do you worry now that people
will always suspect that you actually did have a role? >> absolutely. >> yes. and the people out there that know me, they know that onil castro is not that person, has nothing to do with that. >> i couldn't never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not be -- i would not -- in a minute i would call the cops. >> i was thinking because i had an open container warning. so i didn't -- i thought they was taking me in because of that. >> let me walk you through a bit of this so that everyone clearly understands. >> when you were arrested on monday and brought in, were you told while you were under
arrest? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> not for 48, maybe 36-48 hours later. >> pedro? when did you become aware? she said sure. what do you want to know? i want to know what am i being charged for? so she said okay, i'll go see. so she comes back and i've got a piece of paper written down, whatever, i was in for. i didn't have my reading glasses. i looked and i said oh, open container. she said no, read it again. and i said oh, kidnapping?
>> could you talk? were the two of you able to talk to each other while in jail? >> no. >> where was ariel? >> ariel was in the front, more towards the front on suicide watch. >> he was in the cell, what they call the bull pen. how do i know this? because i seen it when they took me to get my medication. >> did he ever go passed you? did you ever see him? >> i did. where he was at, there's no toilet. so across from my cell, there was one open. so he came there, used it. that's when i seen him. when he came out, he said peace to me.
when he walked passed me, he said o'neil, you're never going to see me again. i love you, bro. >> well, shortly after that, the detective took me into the room and started asking me questions and showing me pictures of the girl. when he showed me pictures of the girls, he asked me, do you know these girls? he showed me first, i can't tell you even which one he showed me first. he said have you ever seen this girl? and i said no, i've never seen that girl. and then he showed me the other one, have you ever seen this girl? i said no, i've never seen that girl. and he said that's gina dejesus and amanda berry. and my heart fell. i just dropped, not physically, but it just hit the ground. after he said that's amanda berry and they were in your brother's house. >> you knew who these girls were? >> from the picture, i couldn't recognize. oh, i told him, they don't look like the girls that have been
pinned up and posted up. he said yes, that's how ma malnourished they are. >> so you're in this interrogation room and suddenly, the police officer has shown you these photos and said they were in your brother's home and you were expressing how you felt. it's just a physical feeling? >> it was just heart dropping. >> you would go to the house? >> yes. >> how often? >> no, not houmpb. how often. i didn't go to his house very much. but when i did, he would let me in passed the kitchen. i would sit down and the reason
why we would go in the kitchen, he had alcohol. he would take me in the kitchen and give me a shot. >> when you go in the house, you stayed in the kitchen. or it just seemed that you stayed in the kitchen. >> yeah, i wasn't allowed passed the kitchen. >> could you see anything beyond the kitchen? >> no. because there's curtains. >> he told me, i think it was wintertime. and he said he wanted to keep the heat. in the kitchen. because of the gas.
>> could you hear dmig? >> no, the radio had to be on at all times. the radio or the it have. i couldn't hear nothing but the radio or the tv. >> didn't that strike you as strange? >> no, because, to me, ariel was a strange dude. it didn't phase me none. and another thing, i seen ariel with a little girl at mcdonalds. and i asked him, who's that? and he said this is a girlfriend's of mine. and i said well, where she at? she's at metro. she's taking care of something at metro. okay, so i left it at that.
and i left because he's with this little girl and they're going to have breakfast. then, about three weeks later, i see them -- i see this truck again at burger king and again he's with this little girl. and i questioned him, where's the mother? oh, she had to do something. so i just let it go. >> you believed him? >> i believed him. but i had no idea that that little girl was his or amandas. >> they enter accusations that they knew something about their brother's alleged crimes. >> i could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not -- in a minute, i would call the cops. and just give them the basics, you know.
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ariel castro's brothers say they washed their hands of the accused cap napper. before the break, you heard onil and pedro describe what happened last monday when they were arrested. they were later cleared. here's more of our exclusive interview. >> did you, in any way, know, help, assist your brother? in the horrible things that he's accused of koing? >> absolutely not. no idea that this horrific crime was going on. >> pedro? >> no. >> you know there are people who will say you had to know. how is it possible, for so long, in that home, your brother, you couldn't know. >> for those people out there, i'm going to tell you something.
i had nothing to do with this. and i don't know how my brother got away with it for so many years. that would never cross my mind. >> he fooled you? >> he fooled me. i used to go there more than he did, to work on cars, clean the yard, help him out and stuff. but never go beyond the kitchen. >> onil, there was nothing? >> absolutely nothing that i can see that was unusual in that backyard. i can't say in the house because i haven't been in the house for years. >> do you worry now that people will always suspect that you actually did have a role? >> absolutely. >> yes. and the people out there that know me, they know that onil castro is not that person and
has nothing to do with that. >> same. i would never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not, in a minute, i would call the cops. because that ain't right. but, yeah, it's going to haunt me down. people are going to think yeah, pedro got something to do this. but pedro don't have something to do with this. if i would have known, i would have reported it. brother or no brother. >> what is your brother to you now? >> monster. i hope he rots in that jail. i don't want them to take his life like that. i want him to suffer in that jail. i don't care if they everybody feed him for what he has done to
my life and my families. >> i feel the same way. >> to the both of you now, he no longer exists? >> right. he's a goner. i'm glad that he left the door unlocked or whatever he did, whether he did it on purpose, maybe he wanted to get caught. maybe he was inside too much and wanted to get caught. if you could talk to gina, amanda or michelle, what would you say? and, in a way, i guess you two are, but what would you say? >> i would tell her i'm sorry that you had to go through this. i was thinking about these girls missing and i'm just grateful that they're home and you know,
out of that horrible house. i just tell them, i'm sorry for what ariel done. because, see, not much -- it's felix, i know him for a long time. and when i find out that ariel had gina, i just broke down. because it's shocking. ariel, we know this guy for a long time. you've got his daughter? and you go around like nothing? you even went to the vigils? you had posters? you gave his mom a hug?
and you've got his daughter captive? and do what people are saying? the police or whatever? >> who does that? >> yeah, who does that? people that have no heart. no feelings. dead. >> onil, same thing? >> same thing. i just want the families to get justice to the fullest extent. i don't want ariel to see anything. if i can do something about it, i will. to stop something like that. i will never let anything like
that happen. to go onto my worst enemy. it has torn my heart apart. this has killed me. i am a walking corpse right now. and god's up there that knows me and pedro didn't know this was going on. >> why are you talking to me? i wanted the world to know that i did nothing such. i am innocent. like i said, if i would have known anything, i would not keep my mouth shut. i can't believe that ariel was committing such a hateful crime
for this long amount of time acting as if nothing happened. i want the world to know that onil and pedro, me, pedro, had nothing to do with this. >> it was a shock to me to learn that my brother, ariel, was doing this. >> i can see that this is something that you're physically doing. >> yeah, it hurts a lot. like i said earlier, i woke up out of a nightmare last night. i want to wake up out of this one. i just can't. i didn't want to see today. >> well, i want to thank you both for talking to us, for sharing with us.
and opening up to us. >> thank you, i hope the world will listen to us. >> we want our lives back. we want back to normal. i want this to erase out of my mind like it never happened. i don't want to know this. i don't want this to be true. like i said earlier, i want to wake up out of this night mary. >> i want to say that i -- i don't want to be hunted down like a dog for a crime that i did not commit. i don't want to be locked up in my house because somebody is going to do harm to me. now i feel trapped for what somebody else did. that should not take it out on a
family. threats of burning up the houses. killing pedro. that's not right. you already got your monster. please, give us our freedom. i want the world to know this. >> thank you. thank you both. >> martin savage joins me now live from cleveland. what did you think of them? >> you know, it was a fascinating interview, anderson. i was surprised they did it. you could tell they were stressed. they were so very grateful. they were out and wanted the rest of the world to know they
had nothing to do with it. they feel that the world had to know. >> marty, thanks, we'll be right back. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge.
that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. >> more of our exclusive interview with ariel castro brothers is out front. and, first, the irs is accused of targeting groups, depending on their politics. and, now, the justice department is accused of a massive and unprecedented snooping on america's journals. what is going on in washington? let's go "outfront."